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    Naming Ceremony for four units of 50,000 DWT Product Oil/Chemical Tankers

    2019/4/26      view:

    On 24th April, 2019, we held naming ceremony for four units of 50,000 Product Oil/ Chemical Tankers with Hull Nos.0305008/09/10/11 those are built for Navig8 and OFI. Our CEO Mr.Liu Haijin, Chairman of Navig8 Mr.Gary, Vice President of COSCO Shipping Development Mr.Su Guang, and President of China KR Mr.Kang H S were present at this ceremony. Godmother Ms.Zhao Ying named the vessel 0305009 for "Navig8 Gallantry", Godmother Ms.Wei Tingting named the vessel 0305010 for "Navig8 Guard", God mother Ms.Xu Ying named the vessel 0305008 for "Navig8 Grace" and Godmother Ms. Wu Jing named the vessel 0305011 for "Navig8 Guide".

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