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    Naming Ceremony and Delivery of 2 X 50,000 DWT Product Oil/ Chemical Tankers

    2020/9/11      view:
    On September 10, 2020, we held naming ceremony for two units of 50,000 DWT Product Oil/ Chemical Tankers with Hull Nos.0305018/19 those were built for AVIC and charterered to Navig8. Our CEO Mr.Liu Haijin, Board Director Mr. Yuan Heng, Executive General Manger Mr. Zhang Yuyong, Deputy general manager Mr. Zhu Hangang, Assistant General Manager Mr. Xu Zhenyu, and guests from AVIC: God mothers Miss Gu Liangyu and Ms.Zhou Wenjing, Vice President Mr. Li Jun, Deputy Manager of Shipping Division Mr.Yang Guangyi , Navig8 Chief Representative Mr. Gordon Shen and its site team manager Mr.Binod Kumar and KR General Manager of KR Shanghai Branch Mr.Park Joonhyun etc., were present at this ceremony.

    The same day around 10:28 hours, the closing ceremony for vessel 0305018 was held at its wheelhouse and witnessed by all attendees. The vessel was smoothly and successfully delivered by us and accepted by the Buyer.

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